Look 138: Hearts, Dots and Stripes

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Look 138

Hearts, Dots, and Stripes

Thankful I did this collab with Pinkaholic. They just saved my a** for a week worth of look. Teehee! :mrgreen:

I don’t think I’ll be able to shoot outdoors or outfit shots anytime soon. First, the weather isn’t as amiable as it was during the previous weeks. Second, my legs are sore. Yes, thanks to my “shoe high” pose. I get to hang my legs up for a couple of hours just to take shots of 4 new babies. NOT nice! 

And sorry for the back log too. As much as I want to blog a lot, I’m engulfed with work and stuff. Promised myself to do good with work because happy bosses may mean happy feet! Confused? Well, you know a huge chunk of my salary goes to shoes and clothes right? Talk about breaking the “I’m sooo gonna save up” pledge! 

Have a great day tweeple!