Look 139: Pajama Party

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Look 139

 Pajama Party

Cute polka pants right? More colors available at Pinkaholic. I bought myself a pair in black. It’s pretty safe and I can pair it with anything. You know very well that I’m not in good terms with colors and prints. Teehee! :mrgreen:

Making this post at 2AM while listening nonstop to house music. The upbeat thingy keeps me from feeling sleepy. Not to mention, it reminds me of the songs played everytime I go on a night out (which rarely happens btw). Kudos to whoever invented the online radio. Trust me they’re way better than local radio. The latter’s got no (or should I say bad?) taste in music. Eew! 😈

 So since I got no outtakes for this set of looks, lemme show you a behind the scene shot. The only one there is! 😉

Matching shades of lipsticks eh? Trust me we didn’t use the same one. 😛

Will be dining out with Fashion Bandwagon and JMea tonight. Must catch up with the latest what nots (and gossip?). Gotta plan the blog giveaway stuff and fun shoot. Hopefully the weather would be sunny soon!

Later girls!