Look 141: Cerebral Hunger

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Look 141

Cerebral Hunger

Bow / striped cropped top, Chikasfashionista. Denim shorts, thrifted. Camel tasseled booties, Parisian. 

Welcoming 140+1 look with a new set of photos.  As much as I do not want the Pinkaholic outfits to end, I figured I should. Man, chronic laziness isn’t doing me any good. 😕


You may always hear me talk about my “slacking moments” and guess what?! I finally found the impulse I needed to buy me some magazines to feed my CEREBRAL HUNGER. Time to feed my brain with new inputs. Doesn’t it feel rewarding whenever you get to read and learn new stuff? 😉

Preview’s August ish and some more back issues!

Got new shoes btw. Click here!  😈

Til’ next post…

Gotta goes! 😉