Look 142: Whimsical

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Look 142


Button down top, Pinkaholic. Tutu skirt, Dimmy’s. Pink cork platforms, Love Jen.

Another day calls for another look. I was feeling girly the time I wore this outfit. The cute details and cut of the tulle skirt are too cute to ignore. It’s definitely for keeps although I don’t and won’t wear them out other than shoots. 😉

Did the post processing of photos a long time ago, but when I checked on it now, I’ve reset them all and started all over again. I added a touch of sepia tone to give it a more vintage-y look.


Really really lazy these past few days. I’m running out of looks. Might shoot indoors tonight, just to have some few stock photos.

I’m even thinking of throwing in the towel on this certain challenge. Should I? Or should I not? I’ve been stressing myself out lately over job (I got a new one btw) and such. Keeping up with working hours, blogging, shoots, etc. that sometimes it’s hard to find some quality me-time.Weird right? Am I complaining too much?! Well maybe… 

Will post a look early on tomorrow!

Good vibes….

I’m out!