Look 144: Last Night

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Look 144

Last Night

Animal print mesh top, Pinkaholic. Black trousers, from Keysas. Glitter heels, Myshop IHeart.

Bad photo?!  Uh huh! 😕  Yup! I did edit them (way over the top than I usually do). It would be blurry and all if I hadn’t. This was last night’s LOTD. Sssteph and I had a chance to take a snap of each other’s outfit before heading out the door. Had a blast with the two best girls! We went home at 3AM. Teehee! :mrgreen:

Lovin’ the make up btw. Take note of the pink lip! Tried to experiment with whatever stuff I could get my hands on Sssteph’s loot. Haha! Thanks tih! 😉