Look 147: Plain White Tee

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Look 147

Plain White Tee

Knit white top, thrifted. Black jeggings, thrifted. Foxy heels, Myshop IHeart.

In the mood for posting this all thrifted outfit. So basically, the only thing expensive in this outfit are my pair of foxy kicks I bought from my friend’s online shop. I really feel like I was the last person to own this pair of pewter glitter since this thing is out of stock in just about every online shop I’ve scoured. 

White. Tee. Both are wardrobe staples. Though I prefer tee over white items. I’m fed up with white, I’ve worn them like forever during my college days. White uniform, white stockings, white shoes, white cap. Nursing students wear them rain or shine or even stormy weather! Yes, I’m not joking when I said stormy weather. I meant it. (sigh)

So there you go, a lazy outfit for a lazy post.

Plain and simple. Minimalist with no accessory whatsoever. I’m getting by with my 365. (It rhymed!) 🙄

I hope you aren’t tired keeping up with my blog. Having an online diary makes me conscious with what I write. I ponder on that thought half the time.

Good vibes.