Look 150: Roar With Me

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Look 150

Roar With Me

Animal print button down, Pinkaholic. Black shorts, bought in Cebu. Black suede wedges, Love Jen.

Hello Look 150. It never fails to give me a sigh of relief whenever I get to reach another tenth of looks. Makes me think I’m close enough to my goal. Anyhoo, as most of my looks aren’t really my LOTD, this time’s different. If I’m not mistaken, I think this is what I wore the day we had this indoor shoot. So yeah, that’s it! 😈

This certain pair of go-to shoes is my savior. Works everytime! Now I find myself investing on black shoes, all kinds of them. Ordered a few babies more. Chunky heeled, booties, bandage wedges, and cut-outs. All in black!

I’m in for the waiting game! 😈