Look 154: Fringe With Benefits

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Look 154

Fringe With Benefits

Fringe top, Chikasfashionista. Black shorts, bought in Cebu. Bandage wedges, Myshop IHeart. 

Alas! Last look with the black backdrop. I’ve grown tired of it and I’m already feeling the hunger for some great outdoor looks. My theory is that there’s a vague connection between daylight photos and getting hypes. Not sure. It’s nothing more than a  hunch. 

How’d you like the shoes? These are heaven on earth! :mrgreen:

Anyway, I’ve gone MIA in the internet yesterday. Went out on a shoot with my former highschool classmate, the girl behind Photo Diaries. She takes such good photos that it makes me envious at times! Hahaha! Glad the weather was okay, bipolar to be exact. Windy, a hint of sunlight, and some vacant lots to squat for a while and that’s about it. Thou shall not put good weather to waste!