Look 155: La Dame Dans Noir

In 365 Look Challenge, Fashion, Photography by Wicked Ying

Look 155

La Dame Dans Noir

The Lady in Black

Black silk dress, made by yours truly.. Feathered headband. Black stockings. Black DM boots (courtesy of the photographer). Voodoo doll necklace.

Black. Noir. Some call it a color, some beg to disagree. Either way, it never fails to fascinate me. 😈  

I’ve always dreamed of this certain concept. Dark, cold…with a gothic feel. It may be an excuse for me to wear the purple lippies I have but whatever. Dream’s over, I got what I asked for.

Along with some purple hues, I feel like a child again. Lost in the fields. Think Alice in Wonderland.

Another story told but forever remembered.

Thank you Photo Diaries.

Complete set of photos on their Facebook page.