Look 158: Back To Black

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Look 158

Back To Black

Crochet top, Pinkaholic. Cut out leggings, FashionSpot Shoppe. Black DM’s.

Too bad my new boots hadn’t arrived earlier. It would’ve perfect with this outfit. 😥  

The last of the set and I have to say my favorite. This is sooo me! 😈 I was even joking around during the shoot that I look like someone from a metal/rock band whatever. I think I’m in love with the weather that day. Sunny, windy, and how the afternoon light made the photos a tad bit prettier! :mrgreen:

So I’ve been busy busy today. Since my goth-ish looks are approaching an end, I’m then cramming to stock up some outfit shots. Outfit shots, taking pictures of my new baby shoesies (more posts about them next week!), and munching up some crackers plus potato chips over coffee. And oh, spending time with the spare room (which turned out to be the “shoes and clothes” room) to make way for the new pairs. Whew! What better way to end such day than a relaxing massage? Teehee! Charcoal Monkey and I managed to sneak out of the house before dinner. Why sneak out? Because we have to trick all 3 doggies running around the lawn before we could  get pass the gate, that’s why. Lol! 😆

How’s your day been?

Wicked’s out….