Look 161: See The OH!

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Look 161

See The OH!

White basic top, Mango. Black blazer, bought in Greenhills. Denim cutoff shorts, DIY. El Carmen, Asianvogue. Orange bag, thrifted.

Back shot! 😈  

Went MIA yesterday. This is what I wore on a roadtrip to CDO (Cagayan de Oro) with Sssteph. I got to wear my new stars and stripes babies for the first time. I had to or at least felt the need to. I don’t want to look like a midget while Steph wears her sky high Abierto. Lol!


It’s about snappin’ some outfit photos. Convinced a saleslady at Nine West to take a picture of us two, she agreed with a pout on her face. Darn it!  👿

Shoooooegasm! Sneak peek for I haven’t blogged about this one yet… 😉

Reminds me of ketchup and mustard. Whatcha think?


Til next post then.. Ciao!