Look 162: Zip It Up!

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Look 162

Zip It Up

Pink tank top, Old Navy. Acid wash high waist shorts, Keysas. Bandage wedges, Myshop IHeart. Readers, Ray Ban.

Posted late today, fell asleep so..  After all, this is one boring day with a scorching hot weather that’d drive you insane!

Anyhoo, I love this cutesy pair of shorts I bought not so long ago. But, I’m having a hard time looking for a top to wear it with (aside from tank top).  Haven’t actually worn them out on my daily wear. I know I know… Sad! At least I got these awesome shoesies to match it! Whatcha think? :mrgreen:

And this is the other side of the lawn. Could I say my favorite spot too? Teehee!

Gotta go people!

Stay wicked!