Look 163: Not Your Ordinary LBD

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Look 163

Not Your Ordinary LBD

LBD, H&M. Brown braided belt, Folded and Hung. Black lace heels, Asianvogue.

Here we are again.. And yes, I’m wearing a (tight?) dress. The photo is kinda bigger and err…it makes me conscious! Haha! So I’ve been on this trial and error stuff with my photo layout, changing it from time to time. I don’t know why, I guess to keep it consistently interesting. :roll: 

These are the shoes that I blogged about a while ago. If you haven’t read it yet, click here. Finally I could post my outfit shots wearing them. I still got some stock photos though.

If the weather would be okay tomorrow (which I doubt), I might go shoot a few looks. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one! Fridays and Saturdays are my best bet to go shoot outdoors. Why? Coz’ there aren’t bystanders and onlookers (“usiseras”) loitering the street. They piss me off! 👿

I’m lusting for some new pairs. Dillydallying whether I should place an order or not. Ugh! Times like these…. I hate myself! 😡

Good vibes!

Stay wicked!