Look 166: See Me Through

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Look 166

See Me Through

Sheer long-sleeved button-down, thrifted. Silk paperbag shorts, bought in Cebu. Black lace foxy heels, Asianvogue.

Something new? Yes. Now I know this isn’t my usual look but I was inspired by a Swedish blogger’s outfit. I forgot the name of her blog (I visit about a million blogs a day…kidding!) so forgive the uhm…forgetfulness? Lol! Sheer button down tops have been around for quite a while now. It’s becoming like a “uniform” for most fashion bloggers. And I love the way they wear it with ease. But as for me (and the city I’m in), it’s just not acceptable….or so I think. 😕

Anyway, if you’re a bit distracted of my neon yellow nails, worry no more. I shall change my polish anytime tomorrow. I’m weighing between going for the neon pink or my ever favorite sea green. Hmmm…. So which is which? 🙄

Til next post then…

Stay wicked..