Look 170: Don’t Hesitate, Desaturate!

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Look 170

Don’t Hesitate, Desaturate!

Heather gray sheer top with pearl accents, Keysas. Acid wash leggings, Chikasfashionista. Buckle booties, Heel and Sole.

Look 170! Yey! Never thought I’d reach this number.. I have been contemplating to end this cuh-razy challenge for a million times this week but somehow I end up hanging on day by day, look after look. If only taking pictures and outfit shots plus blogging were easier to juggle with work and whatnot. 🙄

Anyhoo, I’ve tried a different take on editing. This time, it’s all about desaturation. I know I know… It’s weird because I’ve always been a big fan on strong hues, warm temps, color vibrance, and tweaking the saturation levels but I think it’s a nice try. Not bad. Uhmmm… I edited my lippies too! Teehee! Seeing this makes me want to go buy neon pink lippies. Errr… Where to find one?! Suggestions? :mrgreen:

  The infamous shoe shot. Now this is my favorite pair of booties to date! Yay! I love you babies! It feels like I’m walking on stilts though… I wanna try wearing them out, maybe on PFW??? Kidding! 😈

Stay wicked!