Look 171: Overly Floral

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Look 171

Overly Floral

Swingy top and cotton floral shorts, PINKaholic. Double-strap wedges, Love Jen. Braided belt, Chikasfashionista.

Sudden indoor shoot, the weather’s a traitor. Just when we reserved Thursday as shoot day, it rained!!! This is what I wore yesterday. Despite the summer-y feel of the look, it was raining nonstop. I actually have a cardigan to pair this outfit with, just to keep things warm.

I love this top……so much that I bought two of this! The other one comes in white. Teehee! Swingy tops have become my uniform recently. Ain’t it weird?   :mrgreen:

This is the set-up. The softbox was glaring at my front left side.. And uhm more boxes on my right!! Lol!

I might be going out with Steph tonight. Whew! It’s been a while since our last chikahan.. We have a lot of stuff to discuss and yeah, some more stuff! 😈

Catch up next time wicked people!