Look 172: Everything Flows

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Look 172

Everything Flows

Sheer top, PINKaholic. Sheer skort, bought from Catie. Blue suede pumps, Parisian.

Now about the look, I know I’m all sheer but they blend oh so well together. And, I got a ton of sheer tops that I haven’t posted a look yet. I’m selling this pair of skort, so anybody interested can send me a PM on Facebook. 😉


Just got back at Charcoal Monkey‘s turf. Yeah, I live here (sort of)! Haha! We went out with his friends and off to a farm somewhere here. It was a short ride going there takes about 15-20 minutes or so, a really nice place I must share. I’m not into nature tripping but hey, I like it there. A perfect place to unwind and forget about technology. Teehee! The food was uhm-mazing! Seafood galore and all the fruits chuchu… :mrgreen:

My super duper favorite shoes are now in the hands (or feet perhaps?) of Miss FashionBandwagon. Yeah! I gave her my babies. I have to find them a new mother. They don’t fit me unfortunately. So it went straight to Steph’s collection. Check her out wearing them by clicking here.

I must go.. Gotta catch up with work and all..

I’m still a bit sleepy though. I lack sleep. Went home at 2AM and woke up 8AM. Now all I think about is none other than a comfy bed and pillow.. Help! 🙄

Gotta roll!

Stay wicked!