Look 175: London Calling

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Look 175

London Calling

Stripe dress with crochet hemline, PINKaholic. Gold foxy, Asianvogue. Hat, RYH.

Went MIA yesterday. I was in the middle of my work when all of a sudden, poof! Brownout! I tried everything I can just to get online, from going mobile to figuring out the broadband stuff. It ended in an epic fail. 🙄

So, to ease my bad mood, I went thrifting. It’s been ages since I last visited thrift shops, and to my surprise their price range can’t be considered a “thrift” anymore. A single tank top could cost you PHP75, not worth it! I had two cute finds though, one leather satchel bag (the sturdy type) and a pair of denim shorts. They’re in my laundry bin as of the moment… 😕

Back to today’s LOTD, I was inspired when I saw photos of an event in a magazine with the theme London Calling. I love the red lip and the simple style. I think it’s badass! Lol! I figured it is a must-try look. My hat made it so London-y! One thing, I edited my “oh-so-red” lips. Haha! Is it that obvious? 

Outtakes just for the heck of it!

Stay wicked