Look 177: These Boots Are Made For Walking

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Look 177

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Basic tank top with ribbon deets, Mango. Highwaisted denims, PINKaholic. Gray long vest, WAGW. Harness boots, HeelandSole. Black wayfarers, Ray Ban.

Forgive the title (again!). These boots AREN’T really made for walking! They’re too scary, again I say this to you, I feel like I’m walking on stilts!! πŸ˜•


Hello wicked people! Still hanging on, posting a look everyday even if I’m on the brink of giving up. Yes, I am currently entertaining thoughts of ending this fiasco. At this moment, I think it’s becoming pointless. It would awfully be a pity to end it though. I’m halfway already.. So I might and I might not! Help! πŸ˜₯

Anyhooooo, enough of the drama! I love this outfit! This is soooo me! 😈

I’m a tank top-denim shorts-shades kind of girl. Yeah, that’s pretty much my uniform when I go to work every single day. I layer it up with an assortment of cardigan, vests, and button downs that I managed to thrift or bought as pre-loved from my friends’ stuff. What I wear? Uhm… Really depends on the weather. When it’s sunny, less is more. However, when it’s gloomy or windy and all, I give my leggings, pants, and knits a day out. Teehee! :mrgreen:

 Warning: this is a photo-heavy post so beware… Had too much fun editing photos so…. Keep scrollin’ (like there’s no tomorrow)!



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Stay wicked!