Look 179: Lime Crime

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Look 179

Lime Crime

Lime sleeveless button-down, PINKaholic. Ripped skinnies, bought online. Black suede wedges, Love Jen. Cateye sunnies, Myshop IHeart.

Haleew wicked peeps! LOTD! I’m proud to say to y’all that THIS IS WHAT I’M REALLY WEARING TODAY! 😉 Except for the pair of black wedges of course. I wish! Lol! :mrgreen:

Now about the look, I love pairing this button-down top with the ripped jeans. It subdues the formal-ish side of the top and inched up the rad edgy feel. Buttoned all the way up til the collar part makes me look geeky. And the extra length of the back part? Dramatic! I feel like prancing around with all the airy train back flap whatever! Haha!


Bottom wise, this is my fave pair of skinnies not because I think they’re too cool but because as of now, they’re the only ones that fit me…and the blue denim skinnies I used to wear often in my past looks. Yep! Only two skinnies for me! I’ve lost some good ole pairs of jeans… Farewell 24-inch waistline and HELLo beer belly! 👿

Speaking of beer bellies, I went out last night with none other than Charcoal Monkey. Friday night dates? Sweet! 😉 Booze and beernuts and french fries and chicken nuggets are on the list. Evil beer. Evil foodies. That explains the uber “bloated” feeling I have today. Grrr… I look preggo! 👿

Anyhooooo, since I was talking about what I’m wearing today.. I’d like to share that the weather was super duper fine! I adore the afternoon light. Afternoon light for me means cute rim light on photos and lens flare all the way! What’s a girl to do? Shoot some shoe high poses outdoors!! Yay! 😉

Will publish the shoe blog post tomorrow. I have other things to attend to and that includes announcing THE WINNER of my blog giveaway! Teehee! :mrgreen:

Enough chika galore!

Good vibes….

Stay wicked!