Look 18: Summer is Here

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Look 18.

Photos from recent summer getaway to Boracay, Philippines. One of the famous summer destinations here in our country.

The Hurley top, I thrifted. Yes, swimwear can be thrifted too. Bought it at around Php80. Bottom? Don’t even ask. I can not dare wear something like that in public so I opted for the micro mini shorts.  :mrgreen:

Remember how I’ve always wanted to bask under the summer sun? Well it happened. But I chickened out the last minute. It’s super humid it pricks on your skin. I’m even wondering how some tourists out there survive lying on the sand, taking their top off and just doze off to sleep.

Felt foolish for a bit for lavishly putting sunblock all over every now and then while I was there. But, now that I’m home from vacay, I kind of wish I got a little tan. Yet, all is well, still enjoyed every sec of it.

Blue skies, summer heat, white beach. Take a dip yet don’t go skinny dipping!  😈

Some of you might wonder how we do the photo stuff, so here’s a glimpse. Credits to my Kuya for capturing this candid moment.