Look 180: PPPP – Pale Pink Peter Pan

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Look 180

PPPP –  Pale Pink Peter Pan

Pale pink Peter Pan collared dress, FashionSpot Shoppe. Face wedges, Heel and Sole. Readers, FashionSpot Shoppe.

I was in the middle of work when suddenly……poof! I forgot to post my LOTD! I always seem to forget things.. Why is this happening? 🙄


For today’s look, I chose something extra extra girly.. Yay! Like the pale pink dress I’m wearing.. It is made of a stretchy material so it’s somewhat form-fitting.. I have to suck my stomach in before the snapping! Lol! You know why I love dresses right? It’s an easy option for “I’m too lazy to match/sort/pair top-bottom outfit combo”! Yep! Until now, I still get confused what to wear, what to pair, what goes with what and so on… I even allot myself an extra hour getting ready with my daily choice of clothes and make up too. 😕

Make up in general is easy. A tamed/shaped eyebrows, lippies, make up base ( I use BB cream or primer) top it off with pressed powder and that’s it I’m good to go. Somebody once said “Not to prime is a crime!”, I follow that rule since then. Maybe you should too. But I warn you, pack up with oil blotting thingy in yer bag! It’s a must!! 

Aren’t the geeky eyeglasses cute? They have a floral print when you scrutinize it upclose. The shoes? How I miss wearing these babies! They will prolly make a comeback on my future looks.. Yay! 😉

And oh, have you seen my dump of clothes? It looks cluttered and messy. Seriously. Everything’s laid in there from make up to bag to clothes the list goes on.. I’ve tweeted a photo here. Uh huh! That’s my bed! Eewie! I don’t sleep there anymore.. Like there’s no space at all!

Sorry for being extra chitchatty lately.. I just loooove to blab about things. It goes straight from my head to my fingers typing all the words. I need to refresh my vocab. I’m getting sick of my own words. They’re too redundant. Whatcha think? Lol!

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Stay wicked!