Look 181: Pink Dots and Blue Pumps

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Look 181

Pink Dots and Blue Pumps

Polka dots top and overlap trousers, PINKaholic. Blue pumps, SM Parisian. Black wayfarers, RayBan.

Today I grieve the loss of my wayfarers. 😎 They’ve given up on me. They’re broken.. I have them in other colors but the black ones are the only ones that I use and abuse. 😳 Farewell fave sunnies. I guess I’ll stick with my cateye and aviators now.. Ugh! It saddens me enough I could cry……..kidding! 😈

I’m posting a look earlier today; afraid that some unexpected things might happen again like brownouts! 😕 Intermittent brownouts I should say. It’s becoming quite a problem here in the sub-d for it happens frequently. Great things aaaah…..only in Butuan! 🙄


There’s nothing much going on with this look. Really. Just another top-bottom combo that I managed to pull out and since they look okay for me (at least), gow! Personally, I didn’t think pink and blue can go together in an outfit. It’s just that these trousers are best paired with pumps. Since I only have a few, I went for the blue suede. Gray, yellow, black, zebra print and purple pumps wouldn’t look as good as the blue ones I reckon. So yeah, that’s pretty much the story behind this LOTD.. Boooooring!!!


The amiable afternoon light is just awesome. Afternoons should be unceasingly this lovely! 😉

What are your plans for the day??

Before this post ends, I’d like to say THANK YOU everyone for hyping my looks on Lookbook. Reaching over a hundred hypes makes me uhhmmmm…..hyped?! Teehee! And on Chictopia and Enstyle too! :mrgreen:


Good vibes….

Stay wicked!