Look 182: Gimme Light

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Look 182

Gimme Light

Lavender scallop top. Pink floral shorts, Keysas. Black harness boots, Heel and Sole. Cateye sunnies, Myshop IHeart.

An addiction. That’s what it is. A developing romance with the afternoon light and a chronic addiction to anything floral and highwaist. What more could I ask for? You may have also noticed that I’ve been wearing this boots quite often since I got them. I play favorites when it comes to shoes and I feel bad not having to wear the others. A neglectful mother of her babies you could say. Lol! 😈


Am I still slacking when it comes to my challenge and blogging? Who knows… But as of now, I’m enjoying every bit of time in the blogosphere. Whether I have readers or not, whether I get less hypes than usual, I’m getting by. 🙄

I’m in my most industrious and diligent self nowadays. This rarely happens so I’m putting all this extra extra thing to work.

And with that, I suddenly remembered, I have to save up for PFW. NO to online purchases, shoe lust/sighting, impulsive buying habit. PFW here I come! :mrgreen:

Wish me another great afternoon to shoot some looks anytime this week so I could have a great set of stock photos. 😉

Stay wicked!