Look 183: Navy Baby

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Look 183

Navy Baby

Color block top and lace trimmed highwaist shorts, PINKaholic. Gray pumps, Forever 21. Cateye sunnies, Myshop IHeart.

Another blue-pink combo, but this one is a subtle version, more like a mild attempt to color-block.  The problem I had with this look was finding the right pair of kicks. I’m left with no choice but to opt for something that doesn’t seek much attention. Everything else were bright and eye catching, the last thing you need is another pop of color with your shoes. Gray pumps, I think you and I will go a long way…. ;-) 

On the other hand, as my budding romance with the afternoon light hits climax, here are some shots that made me go loco. Sun glare, bokeh, natural light — the elements. Ah the things I’d do for the perfect shot! 😈 Something about the hazy appearance. It tells a story in itself… No words needed I reckon.  😕

 I was actually about to trip when I tried to cross my legs for that signature pose shot. This came on kinda candid!

Braided belt and lace trimmings seem to compliment each other. Oh well.. Glad they do! 🙄

I’m still working things out with my blog life at the moment. It’s been overall a shaky relationship, but I’m extending big thanks to people who tweeted me with during my not-so-okay times. You know who you are tweeps! 😉

Stay wicked!