Look 185: Pink Feathers

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Look 185

Pink Feathers

White swingy top, PINKaholic. Distressed shorts, bought online. Blue wedges, Love Jen. Pink feather earrings, Dimmy’s. Voodoo doll necklace.

Experimented with the layout a bit. I think it’s too wide or something. Whatcha think? 😆

Anyhoooo, cute feather earrings ain’t it? Found some stuff at my friend’s online shop so I hurried to get a few. Got me two pairs, pink and brown. Endowed with a reasonable discount, happy me again! 😈


Back to my casual, laidback self. So this is what I’m really wearing today. Everything except for the blue wedges. Of course. I’m into this “rotating all my shoes” mode, you’ll be seeing some of my pairs which I seem to have forgotten over time. What’d ya think? 😉

I was lucky enough to catch some afternoon light today despite the wet, muddy road. Gloomy days have been setting in so I’m doing much as I can when the day is all set and nice. True enough, it’s 9PM and it rained. Just when hubby and I get to dine out, a heavy downpour of rain welcomes us. With each gust of wind, I was close to shivering. Yep! And it’s all because of my LOTD! Teehee! Now I’m suffering from headache. Geeez! I’m sickly! 😕

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