Look 187: Brown Jungle

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Look 187

Brown Jungle

Animal print top, bought from Catie. Highwaist khaki shorts, Keysa’s. Brown platforms, Love Jen. Brown belt, Chikasfashionista.

You noticed? Yeah me too! I’m all brown which is effin’ weird!!! What was I thinking?! πŸ™„

One can never go wrong with browns and khakis. That’s why I was afraid adding up another color in the palette; better stick with brown shades. I’m such a coward when it comes to color play. Somebody teach me some tricks! :lol: 

This concrete wall will definitely become a permanent backdrop for future looks. Outdoor shots isn’t so “outdoor” anymore. Just interchanging some spots inside the premises of Charcoal Monkey’s lair. Lol!  It all boils down to 3 (read:3!) spots, the concrete wall, the brick-ish brown wall (yesterday’s spot), and the garden/bermuda-ish spot. 

Another trivia, I feel like sharing this funny story. Can you believe that I actually tripped while shooting this look? I swear!! You could ask the photographer if you want. Lol! This particular pair of shoes is a bit wobbly. It’s lightweight and it seems unstable, I don’t know. I’ve been on an ankle-twisting incident wearing this pair more than 5 times. Yep! True that! Talk about embarassing!!! 😳


There’s really nothing down there. Haha! I just love looking down compared to staring point black at the lens! 😈

P.S. I hate this lipstick shade! Eewie….  πŸ˜•

It’s Sunday. I bet everyone’s enjoying their time off from work and savoring their very own version of R&R. As for me, it’s still the same old same. I’ll be up all night. Busy-busyhan ever!

Hope to catch some late night movie marathon with kwebby. New movies downloaded! Yay!! I sure hope it’s funny not the horror-y type. I dread watching horror movies.

Happy Sunday!

Stay wicked!