Look 189: Pastel Play

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Look 189

Pastel Play

Lavender basic tank top, Folded and Hung. Highwaist denims, thrifted from Dimmy’s. JC Gallatin inspired booties, Asianvogue.

Playing with soft colors again. Borderline afraid of mixing two colors in an outfit. Errr…when will I ever learn?! 🙄

I still wore this denims despite its medium size. I think they fit me. Its just me who doesn’t know how to deal with highwaist stuff!


As for the shoes, this pair is the hardest amongst all to match an outfit with. They don’t seem to go with any of my usual looks. And due to my “rotating all my shoes” plan, I’m forced to somewhat find these kicks a look. 😕

Heartbroken today. My love affair with the sunny afternoon weather has ended. Now I’m in grief because of the stupid typhoon that has struck the entire Visayas and Mindanao area. Signal number 1 to be precise. Just as I tweeted a while ago, the city will flood. It happened, the main streets are kinda submerged in flood. You might be thinking, could it get any worse? Well WORST (in a superlative tense)! Brownout at around 2PM. I know right? Boooo! 👿 Know what we did? We went to the mall (the one and only) and bought an office table. At a meager attempt to make ourselves productive sans the electricity (and internet!), we were pre-occupied with assembling the table. Now I’m blogging with my all new desk. Thanks to Kwebby…. Teehee! Feels like I’m in a real office now with my matching office chair. Coolie! 😈

Get giddy! Got some exciting news for my fellow shoe addicts.. I just found a shop that could feed your hunger for shoes at half the price. Yes! Another shoes for less! Great kicks at effin’ 50% off, how does that sound? Keep yourselves updated ladies! 😉

Stay wicked!