Look 191: Frayed Polka

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Look 191

Frayed Polka

Polka dot blouse, PINKaholic. Frayed shorts, bought in Cebu. Black lace heels, Asianvogue. Feather earrings, Dimmy’s.

Haleeew! I’m back to my chitchatty self again.. Not grumpy! Now I know why I was acting weird yesterday. It’s because it’s the time of the month. PMS and dysmenorrhea are both BS! Haha! If you know what I mean.. 😈

My mood got better today because I popped high dose of pain killer. And no, it’s not Vicodin (like what Dr. House used to pop) or some other narcotics, just the trusty Mefenamic acid. I’m loving it everytime I get to inject “nursing” stuff here in my blog. It rarely happens. Segue galore! 😈  

I doubt if the look matches or not but anyhoo, I get to wear my black lace foxy-ish heels again.  Diggin’ this especially when paired with my fave neon-y sea green nail polish. Yay!

And this are the current nail polish on my hands. Different nail polish on the hands and feet, every once in a while I do that. Why? Because when I can’t decide, choose both! Teehee! :mrgreen:

Feathers, feathers, feathers. These two are the only ones I have.. Boohoo! πŸ™„ Took the nail polish and feather photos during the brownout moments. Gaaaah! The things you do when you’re bored!

Dark lippy. Nuff said. Been wearing this color since my board exam review days, always a fave.

Let’s pretend that my top is well-ironed. Lol!

Some of the outtakes and definitely one photo heavy post. I did shoot a lot of looks today. Charcoal Monkey’s in a good mood for such and I can’t let it pass despite the “not-feeling-well-I-got-dysmenorrhea” sitch. Haha! πŸ˜†

All photos edited using Lightroom. I’m an avid Lightroom user. It’s because it’s super easy compared to Photoshop AND not everyone uses it or knows how to use such. I feel elite! Nyahaha! 😈

Stay wicked!