Look 192: Animal Print Meets Acid Wash

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Look 192

Animal Print Meets Acid Wash

Acid wash denim top, Closet Inventory. Leopard shorts, PINKaholic. Peeptoe brogues, Asianvogue. 

One of fave looks. I’ve saved this one for better days. The day has come. So expect some photo heavy post tonight.

I was hesitant pairing this top I got from Closet Inventory with the leopard skort, but then it’s all about experimenting right? So I figured why not try to go out of the box and do something other than my “play safe” choices. Turns out, it looks okay. At least for me, I don’t know about your opinion on mixing animal print with an acid wash denim. Whatcha think? 🙄

The shorts have pockets. Convenient! I always have a few coins stuffed in my pocket. :mrgreen:

I look mad, no?

Tied my hair in a bun too, so it wouldn’t look so busy and messy up top. My hair always gets in the way everytime I shoot. For once, it was nice to forget about the hair thingy and go posing. Lol!

Favorite pose!

These shoes are new btw. It’s peeptoe which I find cute. The lace up brogues style is great which would look nice when paired with vintage-y pieces. And it’s wedge, which as you know, my best preference when it comes to shoes. Will blog about these babies soon.. I still got several shoes on queue (wtf is this spelling?). I’m lazy when it comes to putting the shutters to work.

Speaking of shoes, I blogged about the shoe sale I’ve been tweeting since the other day. Take a peek by clicking here!

How was your day?

For me, waking up a little early before noon makes me quite productive. My clothes lay neglected on the bed. Yep! My closet is a bed so forgive me.. Everything’s in there, cosmetics, tops, pants, undies, bottoms of all sorts, even swimwear. Messy huh? Piled some of them up and arranged them in the cabinet. I exchanged cabinets with my parents. I certainly need the bigger one they own. Teehee! :mrgreen: I took care of some doggie duties today too.. One, I gave my little monsters a bath. And two, went with hubby somewhere. We took Charcoal (hubby’s pet) for a breeding sesh with another pitbull. So it’s sort of a “dog day” today. Yay! 😈

Stay wicked!