Look 194: Optical Illusion

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Optical Illusion

Polka dots scallop top, PINKaholic. Black bandage skirt, from Janine. Beige bandage wedges, Myshop IHeart.

A colorful top to brighten up your day. It’s got a colorful print which reminds me of optical illusions and holograms. I have about 4 of this jersey scallop top, all of varying prints of course. Polka dots and animal prints to be specific. 😉

And so, back to the look. Since everything is all about proportions, I chose to pair this loose swingy top with a bandage skirt. Loose up top, fit at the bottom. Gets? And another one, a short skirt is better paired with something like an ankle-hugging bandage wedges. It seems to balance everything out. And oh, this spot (my fave) made the colors pop because of the greens as well as the colors around. Of  course I did a little editing myself to make the photo look much more alive than it already is.

On the other hand, I’m dead tired today. Not because of being busy busy and all, but tired of life in general. Reading a person’s way of thinking is sometimes stressful for I’m no Sigmund Freud. I do not know if I’m the moody one or not, but there’s something about a person’s aura that makes me go crazy figuring out if one’s in a bad mood or not. If you know what I mean, then you’d surely relate with what I’m trying to say here.

Will be posting early tomorrow. Like EARLY early. Around 5 or 6am I suppose. I’ll be going out on a roadtrip again with Sssteph (if all goes well). A 4-hour drive will definitely comprise of catching up with what’s what. It’s been a while since we last hung out. Hope to snap some outfit photos at the “LB/blog worthy” spots we found the first time we went there.

Enough chitchat! I’m out… 😕

You may now remove your ear muffs. I’m done with my blah blahs.. Haha!

Stay wicked!