Look 196: Roadtrippin’

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Look 196


Printed tank top, People are People. Distressed denim shorts, Dimmy’s. Studded cardigan, thrifted. Floral wedges, Love Jen.

So this was yesterday’s LOTD. The roadtrip plan to CDO was almost postponed.. Good thing Sssteph managed to text me at 6AM. The phone rang. It woke me up from my uber long 3-hour sleep (lol!). The sleepy me was about to go back to sleep but then again, I would surely miss out a lot on a “derma” stuff sesh. So I fixed myself and wore something comfy yet snuggly enough so I won’t get the shivers while inside the car. Stuffing some of my clothes here at boyfie’s place sure helps. 😉

I did a subtle print on print look. A printed tank over my floral wedges that was long forgotten.

Seeing the outtakes makes me laugh at myself. I look mad! If you compare Steph and I’s outtakes, mine would sure give you a few laughs. 

Grabbed these photos of us two from Sssteph’s blog (FashionBandwagon). This is SM CDO’s grounds. Ain’t it cool? We’ve been eyeing this place the first time we went and since the weather was friendly enough, we urged the driver to turn to a stop for some outfit shots. And yeah, the driver himself was the photographer of the day so Steph and I could have photos together! Yay!!! Gow Kuya driver! :mrgreen:

Strolled a little more around KetKai and boy, no matter how comfy these wedges are, my feet hurt! We also caught a few stray stares from people but we gave a shoulder shrug. Whatever!

Hope to meet some CDO bloggers/fellow Lookbookers the next time we’ll be there. That would be friggin’ cool!

Long walks, long talks, and lots of foodies made our trip worthwhile.

Til next post!

Stay wicked!