Look 197: Watch Me Go Pink

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Look 197

Watch Me Go Pink

Scallop top, PINKaholic. Polka dots shorts, TheStyleMachine Shop. Pink cork wedges, Love Jen. Readers, FashionSpot Shoppe.

From the looks of the outfit details, yeah I’m sure you could tell I’m an avid online shopper. Haha! 

There’s not much going on today. Just another wake up –> work –> internet “tambay” –> blogging routine. And tweeting with my ever enthusiastic twitter/blogger friends. I must say that my Twitter has been an all out fun lately because these guys were around. We could talk about shoes, clothes, places, and all those crazy craze. It’s as if we’ve met each other and have been friends for years.. Lol!

Back to the look, I’ve always wanted to do some girly outfit that exudes a “little girl” appeal. So this is my take on it. I don’t know about you all, but this area of dressing up is kind of my gray spot. I’m not feminine or girly-ish in my looks but it’s nice to go out of your comfort zone sometimes right? So what do you think? 😕

I wish I could show you the details of the shoes, but I hadn’t taken a photo of it sideways. Warning though, they look comfy but they’re NOT. I don’t know if it’s because of my uber tiny feet but I always trip wearing these. Unstable, the feet would swivel sideways and since the pink part is made up of soft fabric the next thing you know is you got your feet twisted. Believe me, shoes are deceiving at times. Or I’m the one who needs the “how to walk in heels” lesson. 🙄

Before ending my daily preach, I’d like to say thankee to the Dy sisters for the goodies! Yay! I’m soooo happy.. :mrgreen: Steph really knows what I want, she’s become my some sort of alter ego when it comes to these kinds of stuff. And she knows I’d kill for a pair of highwaisted denim shorts! Haha!!

Stay wicked!