Look 198: A Pop of Red

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Look 198

A Pop of Red

Animal print sleeveless top, PINKaholic. Denim shorts, thrifted. Braided belt, Chikasfashionista. Red chunky heels, Love Jen. Cateye sunglasses, Myshop IHeart. Feather earring, Dimmy’s.

Hello wicked people! Feeling a little bit grumpy today so I decided to post this look to hype us all up. 😉

This is my favorite top from PINKaholic in their Worn to be Wild collection. They’ll be uploading Part 2 of that this coming Sunday. I’ve been giddy about it since the day I was tagged by the teaser. I’ll be roaring my way to their shop again soon! 😈

Anyhoo, about the LOTD. Decided to match the outfit with this chunky velvety red shoes, one of the pioneering kicks that I got as far as online shopping is concerned. I’ve forgotten about them so I took these babies out for a look and a stroll at the garden. Lol!

This is sooo me! Whatcha think? 😆

My ever favorite and signature pose! 😉

Would you believe that I got these denim shorts at the ukay ukay for only Php130? Coolio!!! 

So I’ve been tweeting about the bipolar weather since I’ve been online today. And my theory strikes again, I really think I’m right on this one. My hypothesis is that, there’s a significant relationship between the person’s overall mood with regards to the weather. Consider it null? Think again! Try to observe your behavior, mood, and overall productivity when the weather’s fine and compare it with those stormy/rainy/gloomy days. I think you get my point in here. Enough research topic for now, it isn’t my favorite subject too. I feel you. Haha! :mrgreen:

How did you spend your day today? I’ve used all my time up taking vocabulary quizzes and other tests. My brain needs some updating every once in a while. 

I could kill myself whenever boredom strikes, or sleep the day away perhaps? Lol!

I’m out..

Stay wicked!