Look 199: Tangerine Drops

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Look 199

Tangerine Drops

Orange-y sheer top with padded shoulders and highwaist denim shorts, PINKaholic. Gold heels, Asianvogue. Geeky specs, Ray Ban. Feather earrings, Dimmy’s. 

Haleeew! I’m back again.. It’s Look 199 now! Yay! I decided to post what I’m really really wearing today. Yeah, this is my LOTD fo’ real! :mrgreen:

I’m feeling all exuberant today. I can’t even explain it myself. I was really glad the weather came to a sudden change. I was able to shoot a few looks sans the dry ground. 

Bokeh love!!!

Anyhoo, about the look, I finally have something orange in my closet. I never had an orange top……ever! Why? I can still remember when I wore an orange shirt (highschool days) and my peers would tease me as “ponkan na ponkan”. Sounds familiar?! Yep, an ad of an orange juice brand way back then. Haha! I veered away from orange stuff since. 🙄

I wish my golden heels were visible enough. The grass needs a little trim don’t you think? 😕

I got power shoulders! See??!! Lovin’ this top already.. I got jewelley pockets too! They look so matchy matchy with my shoes. Teehee!! :mrgreen:

And oh, got Twitter? Join the tweeting galore with all fellow Pinoy fash bloggers. It’s fun to talk about clothes, shoes, etc. with someone who could totally relate… 😉

200th look tomorrow! 165 more looks to go… Keep posted!

Stay wicked!