Look 200: Animalia

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Look 200


Basic tank top, Kamiseta. Animal print highwaist shorts, Dimmy’s. Zebra print chunky heels, Myshop IHeart. Fedora hat, Krew. 

Look 200!!

Yay! What better way to celebrate 200th look than a clash of animal prints? Teehee! This time I’ve combined my animal printed shorts with the zebra print! Whatcha think? 🙄

Take note of the hair! Yay! It’s not WAVY!!! And uhm, yeah that’s why I included this pic in the stack. Nyahaha! Anyhoo, you know I’m too addicted with anything that involves animal print and highwaist bottoms right? Good thing they’ve merged and now I have this! Taadaa!!! 😈

I wish these were wedges! They’re not that bad looking though. Love the fit of these kicks! 😉

I think the hat completed the whole look. I don’t know, I feel like I have the “attitude” when wearing this. It’s one size bigger than me though. 

As I was aiming to post early (and edit my photos early too!), another friggin’ brownout struck the subdivision. I wonder what the heck is wrong with the power line. It happens like thrice a week minimum. So what did I do to make myself productive sans the electricity? I hauled all my shoes and put them near me. Literally near me, they’re stuffed under my desk now. Teehee! Why? So I can sneak and wear them when no one’s watching! Sssshhhh… Haha! 😆

This 365 looks challenge is indeed challenging, and I’m planning to finish this one. With 165 days to go, I still got a long way ahead. A few months to thrift, shop, shoe hunting, and who knows what else. Lol! It would dawn on me sometime, what would I blog about next when all this ends?? Hmmm??! 

Thanks for all the love wicked people! 

Stay wicked!