Look 201: Acid

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Look 201


Acid wash top, Forever 21. Acid wash highwaist denims, PINKaholic. Cut out wedges, Asianvogue. Feather earrings, Dimmy’s. Cateye sunnies, Myshop IHeart. Braided belt, Folded and Hung.

Acid wash on acid wash. Hope it didn’t look weird though. They blended together well don’t ya think? 🙄


Just bought this pair of acid wash denim shorts and I lalalalooove it! Teehee! It’s denim and it’s material is pretty sturdy. Not bad! 😉

Great suede and leather combo! Kinda like Jeffrey Campbell Saturn. Now you remember! And uhm, it’s my first time to use these babies! Haven’t blogged about them yet.. Boohoo! I’m quite lazy on shoe blogging lately! Pffffftttt!!! 😕

Errrr, I looked like I blended with the wall!

Felt really weird to be past 200 looks already. Sorry for the early exit, had to catch up with some work stuff! I’m still active on Twitter though.. Let’s tweet.. Up all night tonight!;-)

If you’re not busy, you might wanna check out PINKaholic’s Worn to be Wild Collection Part II! It’s tonight 9PM!

Stay wicked!