Look 202: Plain Deception

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Look 202

Plain Deception

Dress and feather earrings, Dimmy’s. Geek specs, Myshop IHeart. Face wedges, HeelandSole. 

You may wonder why the title’s a bit weird. Let me explain, it’s because of this dress. At first glance I look like I was wearing a black tee and a skirt. Truth be told, this is a dress. How cool is that? Haha! :mrgreen:

These glasses are ultra mega geekery (is that even a word?)! I look like Harry Pottahr! 😯

Great bokeh on the head part. I guess that’s the reason why I’m head over heels on outdoor photos. It’s different compared to studio shots and other stuff. I’m no expert in that field, just expressing my love on the great outdoors and sunny warm environment. Hope it stays all year round!

 Anyhoo, I’m getting bored posting my looks in Lookbook and Chictopia. It’s getting boring by the minute. Enstyle on the other hand is so so…  🙄

Was dead tired last night. Slept almost 4AM already! Now that I’m awake, I was bombarded with another set of task. The boss e-mailed me something and it needs to be done asap. I’m groggy and sluggish. The caffeine and chocolates did not do much. Why?? Do I need to inject it per IV?? Nurses ya hear me? Haha!

Out with Steph later.. I need to go out sometime and some more chika galore too! We have a lot of things to discuss like our itinerary, clothes, shoes, and the upcoming halloween thingy! 😉

Stay wicked!