Look 204: EsCAPE

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Look 204


Animal print cape blouse, PINKaholic. Khaki shorts, Keysa’s. Braided belt. Black lace heels, Asianvogue. 

Two reasons why I named my LOTD as “Escape”. One, (in this look) boyfie and I had a chance to escape the subdivision and go for a ride, a sweet escape. We found some potential spots to shoot around the city. Right timing, good weather (and mood!), great natural light then I guess we could head off to execute some plans. Second reason, I’m leaving tomorrow! Yeah.. I feel ambivalent about leaving the city. I don’t know why. I always get this certain pre-travel jitters. Another reason would have to be my blouse, it’s esCAPE! As in cape! You get me??! 😆 So I guess that’s a total of three reasons now. Lol!

No make up, no retouch, no nothing! The pockmarks on my face are visible. Ooops!

This is the new Magsaysay bridge in Butuan City. Braved ourselves to stop and take some pictures despite the sun was overly setting down. I guess this was the fastest time that I’ve put on my heels! Took me a few seconds and before I know it, I was firmly situated at my standpoint ready for boyfie to take a snap! Haha! :mrgreen:

Sooooooooo effin’ dim!!! There’s some heavy post processing going on in here including my ever favorite vignetting at the corners! 🙄

How’d your day go? I was lucky enough to take a few outfit shots! I think I’m safe til November now.. Teehee!

Off to do a bit of last minute packing now and maybe some more work to finish before I take the rest of the week off. Dang, I don’t know what shoes to bring with me! 😕

Philippine Fashion Week, Steph and I are coming!!!!

Stay wicked!