Look 205: Touchdown Manila

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Look 205

Touchdown Manila

Top, shortsm and leopard blazer, PINKaholic. Satin heels, Asianvogue.

Sorry for the backlog people. I was soooo caught up with yesterday’s craze. And, worst thing that happened is that even though I have my laptop with me, it just wouldn’t connect to the internet. Now I have to blog using Steph’s lappy instead.

Anyhooo, our arrival to Manila seem to be so bongga. Haha! Went straight to Forever 21. After hours and hours of strolling, picking out stuff, fitting, we left the store with a few bags with us. We found Paxieness there too. It was cool. It’s like we’re long lost friends who happen to see each other again. Lol!

After which, here’s photos of our foodtrip. Yeah! We figured we had to take a few shots of what we ate. For documenting purposes only! Lol!

And oh, we met Kookie of DeathByPlatforms, Paul of PaulHighness, Karl of Inkarlcerating, Jan Nicole of Soule Phenomenon, Ally of Gold Dot. Had dinner with all these gorgeous people, it was fun! Will post pictures soon!  😈

Expect some backlog again tonight, hope to see a few shows later.

Stay wicked!