Look 206: PFW — LUXEWEAR

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Look 206


Studded dress, thrifted. Army green polo ( it’s Steph’s :p ), Mango. Harness boots, HeelAndSole. Motorcycle bag, thrifted. Assorted accessories, Forever 21.

Whaaaaaaaaaat a long day today!

Fuuuuuuuuuu… I can’t believe I survived the day in 5.5-inch boots! My feet are seriously aching at the moment but I don’t care. Times like these, I prefer fashion over comfort. Sorry feet, I think you really had a rough day. You still had a few days left of pure torture before you can relax all the way til forever. Haha! 😈  


Anyhooo, went to the LUXEWEAR show today. To tell you more, I’m on the freakin’ 3rd row beybeh!!!! Talk about having a great spot! :mrgreen:

There were about 14 fashion designers who showcased their collection. But I don’t have the best shots though, it all happened so fast.  I spotted a few favorite pieces but I have to reserve the photos for later. I had to sort them out and maybe blog about them separately. That would have to wait til I get back to Butuan. I’m sure I would have lots of spare time to do such things.


What’s the highlight of today’s show? That would have to be the fact that I get to take a photo with the Queen of all Beckies, none other than Miss Divine Lee! Yeeey! She’s wearing the killer chrome skull heels by Kermit Tesoro and a dress from Tina Daniac. She’s so game with all her fans huddling around her. Dang, she’s friggin’ tall….that’s prolly the only time that I was thankful I wore heels!!! Coolio! Steph and I went gaga about it. We can’t get over it. Lol! 

Shopping haul!

Bought some NYX cosmetics.. Got a few lippies! And aside from that, I bought a bunch of powder stuff at Maybelline in MOA (because it’s 20% off!).  😈  And uhm, I bought another pair of shoes again. Why is there a lot of SALE here???? Can somebody explain?? Geeeeez!!!!! 🙄

Stay wicked!