Look 207: Sheer Leather

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Look 207

Sheer Leather

Sheer animal print top and leather shorts, PINKaholic SDY. Black stockings, SM. Harness boots, HeelAndSole. Random accessories and thrifted bag.



Another long day and another great show.. Slim’s at 50 show was beyond amazing!!!! We waited in line for about an hour and a half, when we went inside it was almost full of people. We’re around the 6th or 7th row I guess. Still, we were able to get a clearer view. 

Best part of the show? Another fan photos!!! I was able to take photos with these people:

Claire James of America’s Next Top Model ( Isn’t she pretty??? Her jawline is woot woot! ) Love the way she walks on the runway! 🙂

Daryl Chang of Preview. Pretty and lovely! I love her!! 

AND my ever favorite avant garde icon, the great Andre Chang. He’s in Lookbook too. I’m a big fan! What made me go hype was the fact that he recognized us. Can’t believe he’s uber approachable and friendly. Yey!!!  :mrgreen:

Spotted some cool shoes in there, see below:

Saw a ton of heel less shoes since yesterday..

Do they fit or not?! Hmmm...

Sorry if I weren’t able to take a pic and tweet; there wasn’t any signal so it all went bad. Didn’t take a photo on my cam too because we are simply TOO FAR. I know I know it’s soooo sad. I personally love the gowns made by Michael Cinco and Ezra Santos. The collections were uhmazing, seriously. Why? It was evidenced by a “standing ovation” at the end. Choz! :mrgreen:

Finally, we have a photo together! Thanks to that media guy who offered to take the photo of us two.. Hahaha! 😈

Til tomorrow!

Stay wicked!