Look 210: I’m Black Swan

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Look 210

I’m Black Swan

Black tutu dress made by yours truly. Lace up wedges, Janylin. Black crown, DIY by Steph. πŸ˜‰

Haleeew wicked peeps! So as you know I blogged about “not” going to the halloween party because I wasn’t feeling well. I was decided not to go, until I saw the Dy sisters getting all glammed up putting make up and their very own wigs on. Suddenly, I got better. Choz! The next thing I know, Steph was putting on my super winged tip black eyeshadow.

So yeah, never mind Steph’s blind item here. I’m guilty. That’s me. Nuff said. Haha! :mrgreen:

Do I look like Black Swan? Cha think?? Thanks to my partner in crime for the DIY black crown. It’s cute!! And oh, don’t mind the big tummy, I got a highwaisted shorts tucked underneath. Teehee!! 😳

My new shoes that I got in Manila. And again, it’s on sale. They look so Louis Vuitton-ish to me. Goodness! I always find shoes in my size there. Dang Manila, you’re baaaaad! You’re the reason I’m broke as hell at the moment. πŸ‘Ώ

 This is at Boy’s Beer and Wine Room. Prolly the only place we go to after dinner during our “Meet Up Mondays” gig. As per usual, we ordered blueberry vodka cruiser. So there goes…

I’m with none other than Disco Barbie and Lady Gaga! I love it! This is our first ever costume party, and it was fun fun fun even if it’s just the 3 of us. And uhm, did you notice their shoes??? I’m drooling over them, seriously! Shoe lust alert!!!!

Another photo with Steph. My current favorite because we look so ferosh!!!

We’re together like all the time but we had only few photos together. “Picture each other” — that’s what we call it when we take photos of each other. Lol! Hmmmm… We love our photos though! It’s what we do best. Lol!

I still feel sluggish and Butuan is like a place where rainfall’s a regular visitor each day. Bummer! I think it makes me a thousand times lazier than normal. πŸ™„

Til next post! 

Had to catch up with work and stuff. It was quite a long vacay and I had a great time watching Philippine Fashion Week. Photos to come soon and who could ever forget this —– shopping haul! 😈

Stay wicked!