Look 211: Lavender Dreams

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Look 211

Lavender Dreams

Gray cropped top and feather earrings, Dimmy’s. Lavender skort. Black booties, Pill. Fedora hat, Krew.

Great day today! I’m still getting a hang of my usual routine. Can’t seem to get over our Manila trip. I think it’s beneficial to get a break from work sometime and Steph and I definitely enjoyed it! Woohoo!

Now about the look, I wanted to show a bit of “tweetums” effect and thus, the pose. Haha! I could already foresee myself wearing this fedora hat often on my future outfit shots. And yes, after a few hundred looks I get to wear these booties again. These I got from Pill. Pill footwear is lalala-love for they have shoes that are really true to size. You see, all my size 5 Pill shoes don’t need even a single cork. They fit well and their shoes are affordable too. Yay to that! :mrgreen:

Figured I had to let go of a few bottoms so I’m selling this skort out. Interested? Teehee!

Sorry for the backlog about PFW. Had a tough time choosing photos. It’s either blurry or out of focus. How am I supposed to show you all the highlights?? Hmmm…  🙄

I just remembered, I still have around 5 pairs of shoes to blog about.. SEVERE BACKLOG ALERT!!!! Oopsie! 😳

Stay wicked!