Look 212: I Feel So Lacey

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Look 212

I Feel So Lacey

Off white lace romper and accessory, PINKaholic. Lace vest, made by me. Brown wedge lace up brogues, Asianvogue. 

Diggin’ my funny title! :mrgreen:

Lace over lace? Who would’ve thought they’d look okay? Well at least for me they do. 😉

I like this cute romper. It’s very corset-y with peplum details at the bottom. I never have plans of buying them, I just wanted to try and fit it. However, I ended up buying this item anyways. I also deemed to wear this one but I don’t know where and when. I’d prolly catch a few stares from people if I’d wear them on broad daylight in the city. 🙄

This photo would’ve made the cut if it were taken whole. Too bad the shoe part was cut a tad bit short.. 😕

Having a blog made me wonder, why is there some heavy competition going around in here? Especially on Pinoy bloggers. Don’t get me wrong, of course there are bloggers who are close friends and have become barkadas because of that but still, there’s another hitch to the story. I don’t understand why someone has to diss other people’s style just to defend her own fashion sense. I mean, isn’t that a bit rude?! Well, that’s none of my biz. As what one had said numerous times: to each, her own. Nuff said! 😉


On the other hand, we’re on a grieving process. My grandfather died yesterday. We kind of expected it though for he’s old and has been in and out of the hospital lately. It just feels absurd that last Tuesday, right after the Manila trip, I’ve administered Epoeitin alfa subcutaneously (Ahem! I’m performing nursing duties). He has chronic renal failure and anemia which is the reason I’ve administered that particular medication. Anyhoo, it feels weird. All of a sudden, you get a call and then boom he’s gone. Uhm, I guess death is a constant reminder how short life is and how you should do what you can while you’re still alive and “functional”. 


Stay wicked!