Look 215: Neat and Knit

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Look 215

Neat and Knit

Knit top, thrifted from Dimmy’s. Acid wash denim shorts, bought in Cebu. Bandage wedges, Love Jen.

Okay. So this is how I normally look like on an ordinary “not so outfit conscious” day. Although I’d prefer to wear a tank top underneath it. You wouldn’t want extra attention on some you know what right?! 😉

This will be the last time I’mma wear these shorts. They DON’T fit me anymore. 😥 Might/Would sell them. Hope you’re a size S! Teehee!

Haba ng hair….. Choz!

On my senti days, I think of myself as a boring blogger. I don’t have the glitz and glam life, everyday is pretty much a routine. I even run out of things to share. That’s why I go blog hopping, tweeting with fellow bloggers (who are my best virtual friends at the moment). Despite that, I’m happy and contented reaching an average of 1k views per week. So thank you all for reading and reading and reading! :mrgreen:

I guess you could call me a plain jane, not fashion forward. I was so flattered with what I’ve read on my (Fashion Blogger to Watch Out For) feature yesterday that I struggled convincing myself whether to believe what was written or not. Blogging has definitely made my world bigger. I do not feel so constrained in this “city” I’m in. There’s some sort of relief, excitement, never-ending chitchat that sometimes I think we speak of some jargons not everyone would understand. Yep! We have a world of our own and it involves clothes, shoes, make up, and other whatnots.

Up all night tonight! Who’s with me??

Stay wicked!