Look 217: The Green Animal

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Look 217

The Green Animal

Gray top and black highwaist shorts, PINKaholic. Animal print blazer, Dimmy’s. Jeffrey Campbell Saturn-inspired wedges, Asianvogue.

It’s a green day afternoon! Lol!

I was putting on my shoes in the second photo. It looks okay (and sharp) so I used it! 😈

Pretending to be bored……. Hahaha!!!

Experimented a bit with layering sans the accessories. πŸ™„

From where I live, no it’s not a jungle. It’s just a quiet subdivision where people  are passionate about having plants around. :mrgreen: And it felt weird coz  it looked like I belong with these plants because of the color of my blazer. πŸ˜• From where I’m standing (and sitting), this used to be the place where I lived til my childhood elementary years. Memories memories…..


Went out with Steph last night. Had a blast watching Praybeyt Benjamin. Vice was lucky enough to get a smack right on the lips from Derek… Just lucky! πŸ™„

Will stay up late too because it’s the last vigil. Burial tomorrow at 9AM. Will I be able to wake up THAT early?? Just wondering…….. πŸ™„

Gotta roll.. Headache mode!

Stay wicked!