Look 218: Spikes and Studs

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Look 218

Spikes and Studs

Cutout shirt, Topshop. Studded highwaist shorts, from Steph. Bandage wedges, Love Jen. Spike necklace and gunmetal bracelet, Forever 21.

How do you like my look? I wore this last week. Went giddy and persuaded boyfie to shoot outside just because I love what I’m REALLY wearing. Lol!

Tried some mixing and matching, so here’s what I came up with. :mrgreen: My LOTD is made up of my latest buys and new stuff I got like this uber cool studded shorts the Dy sisters gave me. Happy me!! :mrgreen:

I present to you my new fave pose. Teehee! It kinda looked like I have Kyphosis. The top is from Topshop that I got on sale at 50% off. I braved wearing this out without any tank/tube top underneath. I like the bra-peeking effect too much I couldn’t care less. I think it’s rad!! 😈

I hope the silver accessories didn’t clash with the shorts’ golden star studs. 🙄 P.S. I’m getting addicted with this eye-rolling smiley! IDK why!! 😕


So what’s up with my day?? I woke up like 8AM in the morning which is really weird I have to say but I did anyway coz it’s my grandfather’s burial. I attended mass which I haven’t done in ages. I can’t believe how the Butuan City St. Joseph Cathedral changed from a so so to an elaborate, expensive looking altar which according to what I’ve heard (and read in another blog) cost PHP10 million give or take. Well, that’s the church!!!! I don’t wanna give another lengthy talk about my opinion with regards to the relationship of money and religion. I already did that months ago right here in my very own blog. So, can I give you another eye-roll?? 🙄

Anyhoo, I almost lost my new job (which I started just yesterday), don’t ask why. Looong story, you’ll prolly think I’m reckless. Good thing I managed to keep it under control. Therefore, I think it’s my lucky day today. Aside from the happy fact that my blog just inched up a notch on its rank, I got me a new, kick ass, cool employer which is a casual connection of mine on LinkedIn. Aaaah, the perks of being a social media junkie! Woohoo, again I got another job! Yaaaaaay!! 😀 Everytime I get hired, I always thought it’s synonymous with new shoesies. I’m trying soooo hard to stick on my shoe-shopping ban til the end of the year. I’mma resume this 2012. New year, new shoesies. How wicked! 😈

Did I blah blah blah too much? Oopsie!!

Stay wicked!