Look 219: Coz I Got A Shirt Like Kurt Cobain’s

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Look 219

Coz I Got A Shirt Like Kurt Cobain’s

Knitted longsleeves, metallic/animal print shorts and accessories, Forever 21. Black suede wedges, Love Jen. Green-gold aviators, Ray Ban.

See the photos above? I told you I got a shirt like that. Teehee! 😈  Wore this outfit out last Tuesday if I remember it well. The moment I wore this knitted and stripey longsleeves, I immediately thought of Kurt Cobain and his shabby look. I find it cool though. (insert Smells Like Teen Spirit song here!) 😈

It surprises me how I can dare wear the things I post here now, except for the kicks. Is it me or am I just losing the “what would people think” mentality. Whatever the reason is, I’m digging it more than ever. Lol!

And oh, my legs are literally shaking while shooting this look. The small rocks I’m stepping could make me trip any minute and I don’t have anything to grab a grip or post I could lean to. 😕

Cozy and comfy. This could instantly pass as an addition to my “comfortable clothes” or “I’m too lazy to dress up clothes”, if you get what I mean. 

Cha think?! How I miss my black wayfarers, I might have to settle with these aviators. 😥


Hoping for a fine weather this weekend. Photo Diaries and I are doing another collaboration. We’re still planning everything out at the moment and we’ve finally come up with some pegs. Anyhoooo, I know I’ll be bringing lots of my stuff this Saturday. 5 outfits, accessories, and 3 pairs of shoes is enough to give me sore muscles the next morning. Despite all that, I don’t have any qualms nor complaints. The photos will be worth it I’m sure! 😉

BTW, How do you find the new Twitter?? Ain’t it cool?

Stay wicked!