Look 220: Yes Your Harness!

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Look 220

Yes Your Harness!

Sequined tiger-print top, PINKaholic. Leopard print leggings, Dimmy’s. Harness boots, HeelandSole. Accessories, Forever 21.

My blogger friends and I did this certain harness boots challenge. Tweeted nonstop about it since the start of the week. So here’s what I came up with:

Because I like it all dark and edgy, I chose to wear this rad sequined shirt from PINKaholic’s Worn to be Wild Collection II. Plus, this leggings with all the cute zipper details. And of course, how could we all forget a good pair of kicks such as these harness boots. Soooo wicked!  These are prolly my fave when it comes to the very “few” array of booties I have.  😈

I miss giving you all a peek at myself looking stupid (and struggling) putting on my shoes once I’m on my spot. Somebody help me put these boots on!

And taadaah! I’m excessorizing with my newly bought Forever 21 bling bling! Haha! :mrgreen:

Sorry for such photo heavy post! I can’t help it!

As for my blogger friends, here are their chosen pegs:

Jeroy in bonggang liquid leggings and top! Look how skinny this blogger is, lavetttt!! 😉

Jeroy blogged about our challenge here. 

Fashion Bandwagon in her girlaloo cute outfit! She’s wearing a skirt which she managed to pull it off so well! (clap clap!) :mrgreen:

And Steph, posted about the challenge here. 


Will be bringing this kick ass pair of booties tomorrow for a shoot with my highschool friends. I’m like their lab rat slash photo subject for their tutorial and photography lessons. It’s very much okay with me, at least I’ll be saving myself a few looks to post. Teehee! I’m wishing on a good fine weather. Puhleeeze!!!

Stay wicked!